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What Is This

by Tyler Bernhardt

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Let me find out how Lust became what still remains to be A lovely story, created by a justified time We could last forever Together in each other’s arms Deep in a dream set far away from harm I’m caught in your eyes Floating in an ocean of Blue to signify How I was before you came by We could last forever Together in each other’s arms I adore you, baby, yes, it’s true What I see is what I want it to come to It’s bound to be love (4x) Today I made you smile Yesterday it took awhile I feel ten feet off the ground I know what I found is bound to be love
Should I be? Forsaken out, one hundred acres All alone A cast-awakening flake, for In the wood Blinded as these thoughts continue Happy days, disguise themselves in Avenues I’ve chosen Avenues We’ve chosen Modesty Inelaborate complication Honestly I’ve wandered off into temptation Return children We’ve been taken by time (Chorus)
What Is This 02:56
Once I felt good, but it didn’t last Once I was younger, now I’m stuck in the past It seemed better before With one foot in the door, One foot in the door What is this? Life’s too inconsistent If happiness persist then Something isn’t right Sun in the shade Always seems to fade away I’ve got storm clouds and rain Nothing last, nothing remains the same Once I knew love, now I’m mixed up Once I took chance, now I’m down on my luck It seemed better before So much better before With one foot in the door What is this? What the hell is going on? You’ll think you can tell, you’ll find out you’re wrong Are you caught in the motions? Has it lasted too long? I’m lost in a star; I’ve been lost all along! (Chorus) Nothing last, nothing last What is this, what is this?
Colors are lost, thoughts are free Happiness in history Clouds appear as days go by The Devil and I walk side by side Oh, I can’t explain Like Sunday driving in the rain All by yourself Like Sunday Driving in the rain White walls talk to me at night Speak beneath the candle light And as I shake and moan insane Allow myself to calm the pain (Chorus) What I fall back on Expands such abstraction I feel As I awake I ascertain In my mind I’ll walk again For those of you who talk me down Karma will find its way around
Take Me Home 03:57
Listen to it The noise coats what I see Suffocating me till I can’t breath In a quiet room Sheltered by the silent cries I tell myself to run Take me home (2x) Can’t you see it? A disturbed young man, holding onto my hand Let him understand where I’m coming from Oo, Let’s shut the door You’ve shown me light What good is it for anymore? (Chorus)
I’ve got a feeling; we should be. You’ve taken my heart and set me free This love could outlive tomorrow And outshine the past we used to follow Days in the hollow Rumors exist of trouble in time apart But, not even imagination could change my heart Let’s live our lives together Blue skies in misty weather This love could outlive tomorrow And outshine the past we used to follow Days in the hollow Though some foresee A broken future that has yet to come, What you mean to me Will let you see that I’m the one Sink into the kiss that led us to Truth for how we feel in what we do
It makes me kind of nervous Too many questions, I’ve got a collection now Am I alone? The only one left Who hasn’t figured how to hold his own (I want to be satisfied) You say, “Let me make some money To show everybody, I’m strong enough to stick around” Am I alone? To understand You should expand on what you’re shown (I want to be satisfied) Do I not belong? I’ve known wrong to hypnotize the masses In becoming burdens to themselves It seems harder and harder to tell Truth apart from the nonsense we sell Submerged in fabrication and lies Deep inside, we all want to be satisfied
Lacuna 03:50
Lacuna Basket cases, religiously displaced kids Caught up in the chases How about that? Orthoepy Articulate what makes the nonsense stop Who are you to not? Oh Everything is cool I’m not that foolish man Everything is cool Don’t put that title in my hand Lasciviously Obscuring sanity, there is to be No validity In authenticity As far as I can see Nothing is the way it is to me
Rock Beach 03:45
An ocean breeze lets me know I will die and live again You speak in tongues through the sea constantly So I listen, I listen Oh It’s been too long Since songs were san to me as a young child, a young child Wherever you go, there you are, her I am Waiting for your smile, just one smile I’ve been standing here awhile Oh An ocean breeze lets me know I will die and live again
There goes love, so here I am Waiting for a telegram Telling me she’s coming home to earth again Here comes regret Put upon every girl I’ve ever met Who made me upset Tell me she’s coming home to earth again How can I Be so naïve “Silly boy, such a foolish one Get down upon your knees” Foreign sweetheart Oh, they don’t know me like you do You do don’t you now baby, don’t you Go, again, to my heart if you have to If you want to, if you need to
Vanity 03:50
On the day I call myself master of my trade It doesn’t matter, how could it matter anyway? I’ve seen better men Yet I still pretend to be a star Rules are made to be broken I’ve heard it all before Don’t you tell us and then get jealous anymore There I go again Ranting on as if I’ve reached the end If I reach the end, I’ll see myself There is nothing I’ll apologize to find I’ve been left for good I am no good, a misunderstood boy Spring has sprung such learning’s almost Done for all the children I’m a man now I understand how my surroundings Came to be this way Yet no man here today has done the same (Chorus)
Losing Hand 04:04
Something to understand If a cloud falls upon the path Removes itself, comes back Maybe, you’ve been dealt a losing hand Furthermore avoid Points of view to end in regret Living lessons within confessions Maybe, we’ve all been dealt a losing hand Try not to loose control As time grows colder Breathe Gently fall back into place Recall the smile upon my face Tune it down I know time can seem a little empty We all live contently in distress The clock never stops When troublesome complications Develop into obscured fixations Recognize, we’ve all been dealt a losing hand Understand we’ve all been dealt a losing hand


Produced by Luke Moellman and Tyler Bernhardt.


released December 4, 2010


all rights reserved



Tyler Bernhardt Fairfield, Connecticut

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